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We provide a full and unique dental CADCAM solution from scanning the plaster model to designing the dental restoration in 3D, through to the CAM software to manufacture the models using CNC milling machines and 3D printers.

Our scan, design and manufacturing solution offers you a new and totally digital process that is ...

• Accurate - High precision throughout the whole process from 3D scanning to highly accurate CADCAM software
• Easy to use - Intuitive user interfaces make it easy to scan, design and manufacture high quality dental restorations
• Flexible - Our tailored solutions are easily scalable, allowing you to expand your solution with your company
• Profitable - Reduce costs and cut lead times whilst increasing accuracy and productivity
• Open - Our 'open' solution allows you to work with the suppliers and customers that are right for your business.

To learn more about each part of our solution select the tabs below.

Scan with ...


Delcam's Dental CADCAM Suite provides a complete single environment to work within, from scanning through to modelling and machining without having to pass files between different software packages.

Our DentSCAN scanners use the latest generation white light 3D scanning technology combined with precision calibration and articulation equipment to provide scanning capability ranging from simple copings to highly accurate scans for implant positions for dental bars on a complete arch.

The DentSCAN product also has the ability to access deep cavities, allowing you to scan dental impressions as well as stone casts.

We offer three fully integrated bundles of DentCAD and DentSCAN which make the solution completely scalable as your business grows, without the need to buy a new scanner.

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Design with ...


DentCAD is a computer-aided 3D design module for the fast and accurate creation of dental restorations.  It allows you to increase productivity and flexibility, whether you already use a 3D dental CAD program or are looking to migrate from the manual process of creating dental restorations into a 3D CAD design environment.  DentCAD is an ‘open’ system that uses industry-standard formats to enable easy model sharing and connectivity between many other CADCAM systems and hardware devices such as scanners and CNC machines etc.

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Mill with ...


DentMILL is a 3-, 4- and 5-axis dental CAM (computer-aided machining) program for the manufacture of simple and anatomical copings and bridge frameworks, including full crowns, abutments, dental bars, inlays / onlays and implant bridges.

DentMILL is a completely ‘open’ CAM system based on our world-leading machining program, PowerMILL. The most efficient, fast, accurate and time-saving strategies within PowerMILL are all found within DentMILL. This makes it the most highly automated and powerful dental CAM system on the market today. DentMILL uses industry-standard formats to enable easy model sharing and connectivity between other open CADCAM systems and CNC machines.

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Manage with ...

Managing Workflow


Our dental workflow solution manages all the information created throughout the lifecycle of an order and provides full visibility and traceability at any time during the process. This allows you to control and validate orders more efficiently, reducing errors and costs.

OrderManager is fully web-based so no software installation is required, while support and management costs are reduced. Adjustable security rights ensure that the right people can always see the right information at the right time.

You can streamline the order process and improve your customer service by enabling customers to place orders online and then notifying them of their order status via the Internet. This also allows you to put your logo and product information on their desktop.

OrderManager integrates with scanning and CADCAM tools, and generates workflows for different types of restoration and material. This improves efficiency and labour utilisation.

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